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Non-believers may be starting to worry about the effect these exorcists-by-another-name are having on the mental health of Britain. Well, fear not. The whole thing is less Exorcist sequel than it sounds, and surprisingly skeptical. Deliverance ministers are required to go through rigorous training on mental health disorders to stop them from accidentally exorcising someone they should be taking to the doctor. The Telegraph even claims some Bishops deliberately appoint skeptics to avoid dealing with the PR disaster of an exorcism gone wrong.

He later took on the leadership of Thunderwing 's new Mayhem Attack Squad , sent to slay the newly resurrected Jazz , Bumblebee , and Grimlock . Alongside the Rescue Patrol , the Classic Pretenders were due to be teleported to Earth , an operation Bludgeon attempted to interrupt by shoving his blade through the transportation machine. Instead, he and the Mayhems were transported with the Autobots to the center of Cybertron. Yesterday's Heroes! Here, the Mayhems found the Autobots being told the story of Cybertron's origins by the Keeper . Despite being on holy ground, Bludgeon and his compatriots attacked, with Bludgeon gaining the upper hand against Jazz until Bumblebee managed to sneak up on him. Bludgeon was lured into a nearby canal, where Seawatch grappled him and hoisted him away with his boat mode. In his absence, the battle inadvertently awakened the slumbering Primus . Ultimately, the transportation was completed, and the Mayhems were sent to Earth along with the Autobots, The Primal Scream where they told Scorponok of Unicron 's coming and joined his Decepticons on Earth. When Optimus Prime surrendered his Autobots to Scorponok in order to facilitate an alliance against Unicron, Bludgeon helped the other Decepticons imprison the surrendered Autobots. Surrender!

Backside Artists - Freed From Desire 2008Backside Artists - Freed From Desire 2008Backside Artists - Freed From Desire 2008Backside Artists - Freed From Desire 2008