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Diego garcia - paradise

Joining them on a stage that almost broke in half from the amount of people seated on it were new cast members: Sean Astin as Bob, a new love interest for Winona Ryder 's character Joyce; Paul Reiser as Dr. Owens, taking over for Matthew Modine as the head of the nefarious lab that raised Eleven; and Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink , as two mysterious siblings.

Let's face it.  Even though those red Land Crabs were everywhere and we saw them all the time, it was the legendary Coconut Crabs that fascinated everybody.  Coconut Crabs evolved in the Indian Ocean region, probably right there in the Chagos (during the last ice age, there were 5,000 square miles of land in the Chagos - compared to 5 today, so they had lots of room).   Based on mitochondrial DNA studies, it appears that they spread into the Pacific Ocean region during the last ice age.  They live in tropical regions, or areas washed by tropical currents (., they live on Okinawa - where they are often captured and sold as pets in Tokyo). 

Diego Garcia - ParadiseDiego Garcia - ParadiseDiego Garcia - ParadiseDiego Garcia - Paradise