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Pagan spirit - grimoire

Sometimes, what appears to be horrible has a valid and divine function in the world. Lamaštu is an exalted goddess, a victorious lady, a ruler of mankind, and performs the tasks given to her by the assembly of the gods. Most of her errands may seem savage, but the Mesopotamians were aware that they had to be done. “ – Jan Fries

The Goetia , Weyer, de Plancy, Livre des Esperitz , Liber Officium Spirituum , and Sloane 3824 all rank Paimon as a king. [1] [2] [3] [4] [10] [5] [6] [11] [12] The Livre des Espiritz , Sloane 3824, and the Grimoire of Pope Honorius specify that Paimon is king of the west. [4] [10] [8] [9] In the Book of Abramelin (where his appearance is given no description), he is instead one of the eight dukes. [7]

Pagan Spirit - GrimoirePagan Spirit - GrimoirePagan Spirit - GrimoirePagan Spirit - Grimoire