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The cuff links - it's too late now / saxaphone rag

We believe it’s never too late to do the Right Thing and Always Help One Another, Deliver Legendary Service…The “SEMPER FIDELIS” Factor and Produce Quality at all Times. We will Exceed your Expectations…Going Above and Beyond. With many happy customers around the world wearing our US Marine Corps Jewelry, We design and manufacture our own Jewelry in USA we are licensed by the Marine Corps. All of my Jewelry comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We produce quality US Marine Corps Jewelry and Marine Corps Rings. “Made by a Marine for Marines” US Marine Corps is a Combat Service Disabled Veteran owned and operated business. All content, designs, work, photos are fully protected under Copyright Laws and shall not be copied without express written consent of owner. Licensed usage of the Eagle Globe and Anchor are protected by Copyright law and legal property of the owner shall not be copied nor infringed by others who desire to copy Mr. Rudd’s designs and work. USMC products Made by US Marine Corps Jewelry a division of United Casting Company. In other words we design and manufacture our own Jewelry in USA. Custom Military and Civilian Jewelry is our specialty, give us a call for Rings, Pendants,Charms, Tie Tacks, Bracelets, Silver, Gold. Check out our Unit rings and pendants. Looking forward to your order. Semper Fidelis – Randall C. Rudd (USMC 68-72) Give us a call at: 1/866/545-1775 Newsletter signup

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Materials: 16 gage steel wire, 22 gage sheet metal, polymer clay. I made these cuff links by taking wire and shaping a square and a spiral. I then soldered them onto ...

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The Cuff Links - It's Too Late Now / Saxaphone RagThe Cuff Links - It's Too Late Now / Saxaphone RagThe Cuff Links - It's Too Late Now / Saxaphone RagThe Cuff Links - It's Too Late Now / Saxaphone Rag