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Daniel menche - marriage of metals

As a meditation on sonic relationships, Marriage of Metals is a modest success, but as an exploration of the gamelan’s fraught place within the history of Western experimental music, the album doesn’t seem to have much to say. Daniel Menche’s last album for Editions Mego, 2012’s Guts , was a bracing noise piece composed using a disemboweled piano, and upon first listen, it seems Menche is applying the same approach to his recordings in the Gamelan studio on this album. But what exactly should we call the source of these distressed sounds on Marriage of Metals ? A gamelan is not strictly an instrument — I’ve seen the word translated in some academic articles as “orchestra,” because the term refers to the entire ensemble, rather than any particular instrument. So, as far as I can tell, it would be incorrect to hear the source of the sounds on the album as a gamelan; a single sound artist recording a few gongs and metallophones does not a gamelan make. Instead, what we have here are some samples of an experienced experimental musician messing around alone in the studio with some instruments from a gamelan.

Daniel Menche - Marriage Of MetalsDaniel Menche - Marriage Of MetalsDaniel Menche - Marriage Of MetalsDaniel Menche - Marriage Of Metals